A Social and Jaw-Dropping Finale



The Game of Thrones Season 5 finale has landed during a time of social controversy.

This week, Nobel Prize winning scientist, Sir Tim Hunt, has resigned from his position of Honorary Professor at London’s Global University after he fired up a social media storm (#distractinglysexy.) He stated in an interview “that three things happen when [women] are in a lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticize them, they cry.”

In America, women are being brought to the front of the political parties’ campaigns in a way that is shocking and eerily reminiscent, of the Women’s Rights Movement. Though, as a California resident, and education enthusiast, I am happy to state that the “Yes Means Yes” rule is closer to being finalized. The rule will implement “affirmative consent” as a required teaching in high school health classes.

The global phenomenon, Game of Thrones culminated it’s season with the jaw-dropping finale ”Mother’s Mercy.” Wrong-doers are brought to justice and deadly cliff-hangers are sprinkled, like candy from a piñata of Joffrey being pommeled by Sansa and Arya Stark. The female heavy, kick-ass, character driven show brings barbarous medieval practices to the eyes of modern viewers in a disquieting display. Here is my review and musings on the close of Season 5 of Game of Thrones.

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Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale Review

A by-the-character review of Mother’s Mercy


Author’s Note: I have chosen to not read the books until the completion of the series, as I was hooked, first, by the live presentation of George R. R. Martin’s fantasy epic. Therefore any spoilers or predictions are purely on that of a show watcher. Please refrain from large plot-point spoilers in the comments.

The Last Royal Baratheon
236962(Helen Sloan/HBO)

Stanis was a praiseworthy King even with his skewed views on how to win the Seven Kingdoms. The last two episodes were his largest failures since his introduction; he had the potential and instead he was manipulated to defeat. It was exhilarating to see Brienne faithfully fulfill her duty to Renley and I hope that she can do the same for the wayward Sansa. Stanis takes his demise with pride, though everything he was and had is lost.

Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch
Melisandre_HBO_Got_S5(Game of Thrones Wiki)

“The first Lord Commander in history to sacrifice the lives of sworn brothers to save the lives of wildlings.” Jon was faced with the hardest decision that sort of stirred feelings of praise in me for Snow, but they were short-lived. I was utterly surprised last week when Jon and the wildlings were allowed through the gates, and I thought that maybe Alliser Thorne would be more understanding of the dire circumstances, especially because he let them through. Though I am not deeply saddened by Jon’s demise, I do speculate that there is more to his story. Fire and Ice are coming to Westeros, and I think that the Snows, the Dragons and the mysterious Lord of Light will be needed in the coming war. It’s easy to forget that Melissandre returned to Castle Black, after abandoning her king, at a time when “Winter is coming.” The Lord of Light also helped out these guys and don’t think it will be any different for Jon; he will come back, it’s just a matter of how.

The Youngest Starks

Finally Sansa has an escape that may be successful; she put trust in the very person who did the most dishonest thing to her and her family but he is the only one she has. Theon’s redemption, though small, is significant because with his master not present, he sprung on the opportunity to protect Sansa in an honorable way but all of his failures do not make him a hero. I hope to finally see success with either of these characters in the future, and at the very least, I hope to see Sansa grow in strength and confidence if she survives her leap.


Speaking of survival, let’s not forget about Rickon in the vast expanse of the north with the cut-throat, straight-forward wildling Osha, and oh… yes… Brandon Stark of Winterfell, the Warg and magic filled Stark with his trusty sidekick, the loveable Hodor. All of these characters were unmentioned and unseen the entire season. They’ve definitely been up to something and I’m curious what adventures they have been having when Game of Thrones returns, next year.

At first, I was very excited for Arya to extract her revenge, as her assassin skills are on point, and during her encounter my excitement was tied with hers. A shocking lesson from the The Faceless Men is one that we all needed to learn and Arya, though driven, could not continue with her disobedience. When she first took the face and became someone else I thought that it was proof of her acceptance and success; her punishment is deserved, and I think with repentance she will be able to regain her sight and go back to kicking butts.

Jaime and Myrcella Lannister

The entire obsessive vendetta of Ellaria, Oberyn Martell’s lover gone mad with revenge, against Myrcella Lannister comes to an overly-dramatic close. This story was exceedingly drawn out and felt completely unnecessary and repetitive. In addition to that it left me feeling, once again, sad over Jaime Lannister’s plight. He gets amazing recognition and open acceptance from his daughter, only to lose her. Cersei is going to really be a real pain in the ass and Jaime will be a pity-party of smoldering looks when he returns to the capital, next season.

Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen

I will always applaud Dany on her fight for equality and unwavering strength she has shown, since her first inspiring declaration of independence; she finally has the perfect royal team at her side. Jorah has returned, and I have a feeling that the Mother of Dragons may have a word to say about his greyscale. Grey Worm and Missandei are the representation of the common people in Khaleesi’s council and she does have the most trust for them; I am excited to see the order than they bring to her kingdom in her absence. Tyrion Lannister and Lord Varris round out her team with intelligence and strategy and make her strongly prepared to return to Westeros. I think we will see a resolution in Meereen next season and Dany’s rise to true power, at a time when the Whitewalkers are at their full strength. Of course the return of the Dothraki may throw a wrench into that entire plan, but I don’t think Drogon would save his mother just so that he could throw her into danger.

The Walk of Shame
got-finale_0(Macall B. Polay/HBO)

The most profound, shocking, de-moralizing, and possibly second most disturbing event this season, Cersei Lannister and Lena Headey made me cry in despair and astonishment. While Cersei is one of the most vile characters in the show I have to concur with Headey, she did not deserve that.  As previously highlighted it was a tactful display of the admonishments, attacks, and fight that women have had to face to be see as equals in everyone’s eyes. Still we are not free from atrocities against women, and other beings and Game of Thrones will never cease to bring current issues, artistically and classically, to excited audiences.

Game of Thrones will be back in a year, long enough for Bran to grow a beard, Sansa to have an army, and Cersei to concoct some f’d up sh!t for me to be mad at; I can’t wait.